PROPHER (Patient Reported Outcomes aftewr Parastomal Hernia Treatment) – CI Tom Pinkney/Sue Blackwell; ESCP-led study


Project name:

Full title of study: Patient Reported Outcomes after Parastomal Hernia Treatment

Lead investigators: Thomas Pinkney and Sue Backwell

Collaborators: Steering Group comprised of ACPGBI and ESCP members, international oversight committee comprised of surgeons from Europe, USA and Australia.

Contact email: (tbc) 

Permission to include project and contact email on Tripartite 2022 website: yes

Twitter handle if available: @PropherStudy

Website if available:

Short update on progress so far: The opening of PROPHER has been delayed due to COVID19. With elective surgery being severely restricted across the world it was not appropriate for us to look to open.  We are currently planning to open the pilot phase in early Summer. The pilot phase will run for six months, and will include the UK, other English speaking countries, and selected European countries. Following the pilot phase the study will be opened up to all interested countries. 

Funder: Bowel Research UK (Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association and Kingston Trust)


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