EvaluatiNg Goal-directed MAnagement of fistulating perianal Crohn’s Disease COre DEscriptor Set

Twitter: #ENiGMACODE

Aim: To identify the essential set of information about a patient with perianal Crohn’s fistula and their disease (known as core descriptors) to allow any research study in patients with fistulating perianal Crohn’s disease to be immediately translatable to the clinical scenario and to allow comparison between studies.

The CODE project develops previous work carried out by the ENiGMA group on core outcomes and depended on international collaboration from IBD specialists who regularly manage patients with fistulating perianal Crohn’s disease.

Collaborators: Kate Williams, Matt Lee, Tim Raine, Nicola Fearnhead, Sameer Mannick (PPI), Peter Coe, Ailsa Hart, Liliana Bordeianou, Par Myrelid, James Lindsay, Shaji Sebastian, Steven Brown, Alan Lobo

Update: Project complete, in analysis and manuscript preparation phase (July 2021)


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