DAMASCUS – Diverticulitis Hinchey II (Dale Vimalachandran)



Full title of study:            Diverticulitis Management a SnapShot Collaboratove audit

Lead investigators:         Dale Vimalachandran, Tom Pinkney, Charles Knowles

Collaborators:                  248 live sites (6 Australia, 1 NZ, 6 sites in US, 81 UK, 91 Europe)

Contact email:                   Damascus.study@gmail.com

Permission to include project and contact email on Tripartite 2022 website: Yes

Twitter: @Damascus_Study

Website if available:    https://www.thedukesclub.org.uk/research/dukes-collaborative/damascus-study/

Short update on progress so far (180 words max):

Study opened Oct 2021, we have 248 sites liver on RedCap with 60% actively uploading data. Recruitment rate approx. 250 patients/week. Rolling start to accommodate Covid-19 now closed, so that patient recruitment will end August 31st 2021 (new sites can still recruit, window will be shorter). Last patient follow up Feb 2022 with an anticipated 6 months data cleansing and analysis. 2500 patients included internationally.

We are also co-recruiting with EXPLODES (exploring epigenetic changes in diverticulitis) which will allow sharing of genomic and clinical outcome data between trials (3 sites opening and recruiting now).

Publications (protocols, published results) to date:  Protocol submitted to Colorectal Disease

Funder: Bowel Research UK

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