Tripartite Colorectal Meeting Virtual Platform FAQ's


Technology / Platform Questions  

What do I need to participate? 

  • Laptop/PC
  • We recommend avoiding tablets, smartphones and small devices for the best viewing experience
  • Internet connection - minimum 5Mbps for both upload and download. Check your internet speed at  
  • If you wish to interact with other attendees, sponsors or in the networking functions, we recommend using a wired headset with microphone or wireless headphones and a web camera.  

Do I need to download any programmemes or software to participate? 
No. The virtual platform is browser based. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a supported internet browser, Google Chrome (preferred), Microsoft Edge or Firefox  

What if I encounter technical issues during the meeting? 
Technical support will be provided for the duration of the meeting via our Live Support team within the virtual platform. 

Can I share my login for the virtual portal with other people? 
No, each registered attendee will receive a link to the virtual portal that is uniquely tied to their registration and cannot be opened on multiple devices at the same time. 

How do I adjust my Screen Size? 
To increase or decrease the size of your screen click CTRL+ or CTRL-
Or to maximize the viewing window click the icon at the top right of the window
The Session Notes, Info and Live Q&A will still be available at the top of the screen 


Trouble shooting? 

Please click here to download the Trouble shooting guide. This will have information about checking the correct browser settings for: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IPad Safari & Mac Safari  

Live support will open from Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 30 minutes prior to the start of each day and will be available for the duration of the Meetings. You can communicate with our support team by selecting the ‘Live Support’ option in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in or have any questions prior to the start of the Meetings, please contact us via email: or by phone AU: 1 800 193 405 or NZ: +64 9 360 120.


Your profile 

When you first log in to the platform, you will automatically be taken to your settings for the platform. These are accessible to change at any time by clicking the in circle at the top right of the screen (it will either be your photo or your initials) and selecting “My Settings” 

About You: This information was submitted during registration and cannot be changed.  

Profile: Please upload a photo and short blurb about you that will be displayed in the Meeting Hub. 

Time zone: Your settings will automatically default to your browser setting and the programmeme will be displayed in this time. If you wish to see the programmeme in a different time zone you can select that here. 

Privacy: Will change how you appear in the listing on the Meeting Hub. We request you share your full name and organisation out of respect for other attendees. 

Meeting Hub: Please select here the contact details you are happy to share with other attendees. These contact details are only shared once you have both connected in the Meeting Hub. 

Media Settings: If you change your headset or camera after you have logged in, you will need to return here to select the new microphone or camera. 


Please navigate the programme from the Timeline page, which will include a downloadable PDF of the programme. Click the session you wish to view (live or on-demand) from the Timeline which is sorted by day at the top and then time in chronological order. Always click “Back to the Timeline” located top left to return to the Timeline.

Will there be live Q&A during presentations? 
Live sessions will have Q&A functionality and you will be able to submit text questions during the presentations via the Live Q&A window. The name of the person who submitted the question will be visible alongside the question and you can ‘thumbs up” questions you like.  The Mini-Orals and Poster do not have live Q&A instead have a forum for you to initiate discussions.

Meeting Hub  
The Meeting Hub is a virtual room in which you can connect with other attendees one-on-one through live chat, messages or video calls. Once you are in the Meeting Hub, you can search the list of attendees by name or organisation. You can also use the “online now” button to see only people who are logged into the platform live. Delegates who have not yet logged into the platform will display limited information; you can still message these attendees, but they will not be able to respond till they have accessed the platform. You will not see your own name listed in your Meeting Hub – but other delegates will be able to see you if you have opted in. Once you have clicked on an attendee profile, a number of options will appear: 

Connect: Invitation will be sent to the attendee advising them you wish to connect and once accepted, you will both be able to see any contact details shared as part of your virtual profile. 

Video Call: You can video call anyone online, please ensure you have your microphone and camera on. Once you have a call underway with another attendee you can invite other attendees, using the invite feature. 

Chat:This is a live chat feature for use with other attendees who are online. 

Message: You can send messages to any other attendee via this function. 

Meeting: Once you have connected with another attendee, you can use the meeting function to suggest a day and time for a meeting and capture any notes from your discussions in the notes feature. 

Details: Will display the attendee information they added to their profile and if connected, any contact details they have given permission to share. 

Do not disturb: If you do not wish to receive calls or messages from attendees, you can switch on do not disturb by clicking the DND slider in the top navigation bar. You can toggle this off and on at any time. 

We encourage attendees to login regularly to check for messages and contacts from other attendees. 


Sponsor and Exhibitor Hub 

Our sponsors have pages which attendees can visit, download, and review materials, as well as arrange video calls to meet one-on-one with representatives. Each sponsor and exhibitor page will contain relevant materials as well as a link to any of their representatives registered for the event so you can connect with their team and arrange meetings. 

Please note, if you visit a sponsor or exhibitor page, they will have visibility of your name and contact details regardless of any other privacy settings. 


On-Demand Viewing

Will presentations be available on-demand? 
Yes - the presentations will be available for on-demand viewing via the latform, except where speakers request redaction. This allows delegates to revisit or catch up on any sessions missed during the Meetings.

When will recordings be available? 
Sessions will be available 24 hours after they have initially aired.

How long will recordings be available? 
Recordings will be available for 3 months after the meeting.

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