PAPooSE – Stomas in Pregnancy (Sue Blackwell, Patient CI)

Funder: Bowel Research UK


Project name: PAPooSE

Full title of study: Pregnancy Outcomes & Experience in Patients with Ileostomies

Lead investigators: Sue Backwell

Collaborators (individuals, nations or Tripartite partners): Matthew Lee, Nicola Dames (patient), Tracey Glanville, Amanda Gunning, Hema Sekhar, Christian Selinger, Kate West, Nicola Feaenhead (all UK) plus patient representatives from Australia and Canada.

Contact email:

Permission to include project and contact email on Tripartite 2022 website: yes

Twitter handle if available: @PapooseStudy

Short update on progress so far: A systematic review has been completed which found no papers that fitted the selection criteria. The retrospective audit of patient outcomes in pregnancy was delayed due to COVID19 but was concluded in Autumn 2019. This was undertaken at IBD centres across the UK and included all patients with a stoma for IBD who had had a pregnancy since 2014. The data is currently being analysed and a paper written for publication. The data gathered is the largest data set ever on this patient cohort. The next stage of the study is a patient questionnaire, and we will shortly be applying for ethics and hope that this will launch in early summer. 

Funding body: Bowel Research UK (Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association and Kingston Trust)

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