1. Ileus
  2. Small bowel obstruction

Development of a core outcome set for gastrointestinal recovery in patients with bowel disease. Final consensus meetings took place in May 2021, to allow presentation of final core outcome set at Tripartite.


Project name:

Full title of study: Establishing core outcome sets for gastrointestinal recovery in studies of postoperative ileus and small bowel obstruction 

Lead investigators: Steve Chapman (Leeds, UK), Matthew Lee (Sheffield, UK), Sue Blackwell (ACPGBI-PLG, UK), Nicola Fearnhead (Cambridge, UK)

Collaborators (individuals, nations or Tripartite partners): Nagendra Dudi-Venkata (Australia),Tarik Sammour (Australia), Albert Wolthuis (Belgium), Anurag Mishra (India), Richard ten Broek (Netherlands), Cameron Wells (New Zealand), Greg O’Grady (New Zealand), Conor Delaney (USA), Robert Arnott (UK), Katie Mellor (UK), Gabrielle Thorpe (UK), David Jayne (UK), Dan Hind (UK), 

Contact email: 

Permission to include project and contact email on Tripartite 2022 website: Yes

Twitter: @GIR_COS

Short update on progress so far: Drawing on two systematic reviews which identified wide variation in reported study outcomes for ileus (BJS Open 2018) and small bowel obstruction (J Surg Res 2018), the GI-COS completed a three-round Delphi survey in 2020. A total of 123 and 86 international stakeholders completed all three rounds of the Delphi, leading to two shortlisted outcome series. The final outcomes were discussed and agreed during two patient-clinician online consensus events held in Feb/March 2021. Despite logistical challenges incurred by the pandemic, the study completed successfully and the team will now seek to disseminate the two outcome sets widely across Tripartite nations and beyond.

1) A systematic review of outcomes reported in small bowel obstruction research. Journal of Surgical Research 2018;229:41-50 (DOI 10.1016/j.jss.2018.03.044)

2) Systematic review of definitions and outcome measures for return of bowel function after gastrointestinal surgery, BJS Open 2018;3:1-10 (DOI 10.1002/bjs5.102)

Protocol published:
Establishing core outcome sets for gastrointestinal recovery in studies of postoperative ileus and small bowel obstruction: protocol for a nested methodological study. Colorectal Disease 2020;22: 459-464 


Manuscripts in preparation for both ileus and SBO core outcome sets.


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