Intestinal rehabilitation in short bowel syndrome

14:00 - 14:10

Speaker: Mattias Soop

Advanced dressing techniques in the difficult entero-atmospheric fistula

14:10 - 14:20

Speaker: Katy Martin-Skurr

Detailed cost-analysis of in-hospital patients with type III intestinal failure. A single centre study with global implication

14:20 - 14:26

Speaker: Dr Adrian Siu

Chyme reinfusion device for ileostomy patients: a feasibility study

14:26 - 14:32

Speaker: Dr Chen Liu

Distal feeding - bowel prehabilitation prior to restoration of gut continuity: which diet is best, and why?

14:32 - 14:38

Speaker: Miss Stella Dilke

A novel MRI-based scoring system to assess post-surgery healing and to predict long-term healing in cryptoglandular anal fistulas

14:38 - 14:44

Speaker: Dr Pankaj Garg

The impact of intravenous iron on physical activity levels in advanced cancer: results from the ICaRAS randomised controlled tria

14:44 - 14:50

Speaker: Mr Edward Dickson

Abstract Q&A

14:50 - 15:05

Refeeding - the GI way

15:05 - 15:15

Speaker: Prof Greg O'Grady

Panel Discussion

15:15 - 15:30